About Aaron Minc

Aaron Minc is an experienced attorney specializing in internet defamation as well as a number of other legal issues unique to the digital realm. The nationally renowned internet defamation lawyer is also the founder of the Aaron Minc Scholarship, an academic scholarship program founded on the principle that every student deserves the opportunity to pursue their higher educational goals and thus should not be denied such an opportunity due to financial hurdles or other cost-related obstacles.

As an attorney who has worked with clients from all over the globe — including individuals, small businesses, high-profile executives, celebrities, government organizations, and Fortune 500 companies, just to name a few — Aaron is keenly aware of the value of an outstanding education as well as the opportunities that arise while attending an institution of higher learning. For Aaron, the value of total immersion in an exceptional and rigorous academic environment was only further reinforced during his time as a student at Miami University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Aaron, who studied finance, entrepreneurship, and business law at Miami University before earning his Juris Doctor — and graduating cum laude — from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, has experienced firsthand the doors opened as a result of exceptional academic achievements, which is part of the reason the internet defamation lawyer decided to create a foundation dedicated to providing deserving students with the means to attend a college or university that clearly aligns with their individual academic goals.

In addition to his uncommon level of expertise in legal matters concerning the internet, Aaron is also known among clients and peers as a creative and cunning attorney capable of developing cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for some of the most complex legal issues endured by clients. Aaron is quick to credit his academic experiences for refining his creative talents while also cultivating the skills necessary to become such an innovative legal mind, particularly when it comes to complicated matters such as combating internet defamation, removing demeaning digital content, or revealing the identities of anonymous online users.

Aaron, who is naturally driven to succeed, is proud that his professional success allows him to give back to the community in such a wide variety of ways, most notably through his work as the founder of the Aaron Minc Scholarship. In offering an annual academic scholarship worth $1,500, Aaron only asks that applicants fill out a brief online questionnaire and submit a 1,000-word essay in response to the following question: “What sort of steps and laws should states be implementing to protect society from the ever-growing problems of cyberbullying and other forms of harassment and online defamation?”